Monday, December 17, 2012

bits 'n' pieces

I was cleaning my room earlier this evening, when I stumbled upon an old shoe box. 

I hadn't seen it since summer, and I eagerly opened it. You see, this particular box is very special to me. All through freshman and sophomore year I stashed little things that reminded me of my favorite moments in it. I fondly referred to it as my 'souvenir box', and pulled it out every once in a while when I was feeling down. Reminiscing about such things made me smile -- even when I was going through something difficult. 

But after almost six months, I didn't really remember what I had in it. 

And what I found inside really wasn't anything extraordinary; I discovered both of my journals from my first two years in high school. Old tickets from movies, plays, recitals, and sporting events past. Pictures galore; including the one above from this past summer. A painted rock, a red pointe shoe, a 4-H tiara. Illegal in class notes from friends. An worn play script from freshman year, and some clippings from when I've made it into the newspaper. Receipts. Ribbons. My first short story.

They were all just little bits of things, but looking at them almost brought me to tears for some reason. Each trinket signified something special to me -- a piece from my past. Things I gathered at a time when I felt like life was dragging on. A time when I thought that I'd be fifteen forever. 

And now I'm seventeen; about six months away from being an adult. I've traded Biology homework for SAT preps, and riding my bike for driving a car. Things are moving fast right now, and I sometimes have a hard time thinking about anything other than the future. 

But looking through that box reminded me that "forever is composed of nows". I won't always be able to spend my weekends attending dances and putting off my homework, and I need to enjoy those days when I'm sleepily running to and from dance rehearsals and 4-H fair. Time moves quickly, and I need to take a breath and enjoy the moment.

After all, it won't last forever. 

Much love, 

~ Abby

Sunday, December 9, 2012

on originality

[ Forward: I am not in anyway talking about any writer other than myself. This is just something that I've noticed happening in the past with my own scribblings, and it needs to come to an end. Now. ]

I think that I really conformed with my blogging style in the past. I guess that I subconsciously thought I had to stay within a little 'box' for my blog to be successful; i.e. always have nostalgic pictures, perfect discussions about how lovely life is, and a perfect overload of adjectives. 

But that's not real. Or original. My life isn't always lovely, my writing style isn't actually like that, and to be quite frank, I am too lazy ADD to spend 50 hours a week editing photos. {The little sarcastic voice in my head is yelling enthusiastically "ain't nobody got time for that!"}

And looking back, the only posts that I still actually like are the ones that were a bit odd -- the ones that allowed my personality to come through. {Such as this, this, and this.} And to be honest, I think it's more enjoyable to read quirky blogs, like this, this, and this. {I am saying "this" a lot. I shall stop this madness.} 

So, I am going to start writing more quirkily; more like me. Which is also why I was feeling like it was time to change my webloggity around a bit -- thus the new name. how I love thee.

That's what I want this to be: quirky, and maybe slightly peculiar. I want my writing to reflect who I am -- not what is popular and lovely. 

So hi. I'm Abby, and I'm going to write about whatever the heck I want. Google and honey badgers alike! 

They can be quite scary, can't they?

~ Abby

Thursday, December 6, 2012

ramble: why i love 4 am and post it notes

At approximately four a.m. last Wednesday morning, I wrote this sticky note: 

As you can probably see, it's a list of school - related things that I wanted to accomplish before the weekend. After completing this little memo, I promptly stuck it on my wall, and forgot about it. Until yesterday afternoon, that is. 

I think the most interesting thing about this little note is that last line. It says "Read HP and do epic things." 

Now the whole "read HP" thing is coming along quite nicely. I'm knee deep in The Deathly Hallows, and am currently camped out with Harry and Hermione in a scary forest, accompanied by a rather corrupted piece of neckwear. But activities of the epic variety seem to have been a bit lacking. 

However, I have made homemade pop tarts, listened to an unhealthy amount of Ed Sheeran, and turned cartwheels with a friend. All of those things are epic; just not a honey badger and Chuck Norris are having a wrestling match type epic. 

BUT yesterday I had a pretty epically hilarious conversation with a friend of mine about how people google funny/weird/random things. And our discussion intrigued me so much that I decided to make a list of the last five things that have been googled on my laptop, and to then attempt to write about the experience. 

So without further ado, here are the last 5 entries in my google search history. (And no, they are not all from the same day... I do not actually google much, apparently.) 

Since I am obviously so technologically savvy, I can only conclude that I googled this just to test Google's knowledge. Never fear, Google knows what it's talking about. 

Now this one is a bit more interesting. And I still am unaware of wear I can actually purchase one of these gems. Google how you disappoint me. 

I feel like this one needs some explaining; you see, I started wondering how much energy it takes for a human just to exist. My mom, being the ex nurse that she is, told me that you can calculate that by figuring up a person's basal metabolic weight. {Which, by the way, varies depending on height/weight/gender.} I found out that my body would use up about 1,400 calories even if I just sat around all day! I suddenly don't feel so guilty about those pizza rolls...

I'm finding it rather ironic that I googled this twenty minutes before I googled the basal weight thing. 

I have no memory of searching this -- in fact, I have no idea of who he is. So I guess someone in my family looked him up, which I'm kind of finding slightly creepy. I'll just say that the family ghost did it. 

In addition to these life changing things, I also learned some other interesting tidbits as I gallivanted around the Google. Like, did you know that Google is a Taylor Swift fan? 

Speak Now? Get it? I'll be quiet now. 

Also, Google did not understand the clicking of my camera's lense. Pity. 

What's the weirdest thing you've googled? 

~ Abby 

EDIT: I found out who Chris Pine is. He apparently played that one guy in The Princess Diaries 2. Here's a picture of his face:

Yeah, I'll just go with the whole family ghost thing. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

candid moments

I have developed a deeper appreciation for snapshots. And black and white photos. I feel like sometimes I get wrapped up in making a shot look as 'good' as possible. It's like I have a mental list in my head of what makes a nice photo -- and if a picture doesn't have good composition, contrast, and a unique subject, then it isn't worth keeping. So as a result of my faulty thinking, I very rarely took snapshots. 

But one day I was really frustrated with some of my homework, and decided to clear my head by taking some pictures of my little sister. {She was playing with homemade play doh.} Though none of these are 'perfect', I'm so very happy with them. 

I think candid shots capture people's personality incredibly well. 

And if candid shots capture the personality, then black and white candids must capture the soul. 

Do you like candid shots? 

~ Abby

Friday, November 23, 2012

of thanksgiving, thanks, and other thankful stuff

The view from my bedroom window, on a misty November morning. 

I am thankful that I had a whole week off of school. My brain was becoming a swirling vortex of equations, anatomy definitions, and Spanish verbs.

I'm thankful for my Grandma and my Aunts. I'm also thankful for our traditional night-before-Thanksgiving shopping trip. {Black Friday shopping is just too mainstream.}

I'm thankful for my extended family; especially for all of my epic cousins. Even though we're all in our late teens, we still play hide and go seek and watch Christmas movies together. {Growing up is also just too mainstream. ;)}

I am thankful for my brother, who watched movies, played minecraft, and drank alarmingly large amounts of hot chocolate with me while I was sick.  He also sat on the couch with me for two days while I coughed my head off. Yeah, he's pretty much the best brother ever. :) 

I am thankful for college basketball games and dance offs with friends. 

I am thankful for late nights and green pants. 

I am thankful for this post, and this verse. 

I am thankful for music -- mainly Ed Sheeran. 

I am thankful for lunch and movie dates. 

I am thankful for tea.

I am thankful. 

~ Abby

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

of the future

Lately I've been really, really excited for the future. Mainly for college. 

I have a little more than 3 more semesters to complete before I finish high school. And then I'll be D.O.N.E. *squeals and does a happy dance*

Now don't get me wrong, I've enjoyed high school. I love my friends. I like doing silly, somewhat immature things with them, and I enjoy being young with them. (I hope that makes sense.) But at the same time, I cannot wait for the future. I keep flyers and brochures from my two favorite colleges with my schoolbooks, because looking at them helps keep me motivated. I walk around campuses in awe of the beautiful buildings; picturing myself studying for some test in an obscure corner, or cramming for an exam in a library. It's kind of silly, I know. But I'm indescribably excited to study what I love; to meet new people and start a 'new' life.

But at the same time, I'm cherishing the place I'm at right now. I don't have to worry about bills or loans. I don't have to think about where my next meal is going to come from. I can spend my evening with my nose in a book, or count the constellations with a friend on a rooftop. I am relatively free -- even if it doesn't feel like it a times -- and I am grateful for that.

But I am still so very excited for the future. 

What are your dreams? 

~ Abby

Saturday, November 10, 2012

of trying new things {aka sap fest}

My team. 

At the beginning of 2012, my new year's resolution was to not let any opportunity pass me by, and to experience as many new things as possible. 

That was before a couple of friends of mine asked me if I'd be interested in playing on the girl's high school soccer team. 

You see, it wasn't that I didn't want to play; I was just kind of stressed out just by the mere thought returning to it. I had played all through elementary, and most of middle school. That, however, is nothing compared to playing at a high school level. Basically, I was intimidated. A lot.

But, I decided to do it. I didn't want to pass it up, and then regret it later. Cleats were purchased, and jerseys ordered.

It was hard work. I'm a pretty physically fit person, but taking a year off of dance/pretty much any excercise really took its toll. Plus, I started the season off with a really bad infection in my lungs, (they were filled with fluid,) which made it painful to breath.

I was beyond discouraged. I threw up at a game, I was so sick. I even cried once or twice, and if you know me, I never cry.

I stuck with it though. I ran and practiced at home. I eventually got over the lung thing. And by the end of the season, I was in love with my team -- as well as the sport.

I'm so glad that I tried it. My team was so incredibly encouraging, and helpful. One of them said that playing with these girls was "like gaining 12 new best friends." I love each and every one of them; and I feel like we all really pulled together and got to know each other -- especially in the last month or so. 

But the most important thing I learned from the entire season was this: sticking to your commitments, working hard, and trying your best will always pay off in some way. And passing up a new experience is {almost} never cool. 

Off to go visit with my soul mate {the treadmill :P}, 

~ Abby

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

reasons why november is a happy month v 1.2

We're scarf triplets! Also, you should probably just not look at my face here. 

Normal post halloween pumpkins? Please. Cyclopes cannibals are totally the way to go. ;)

Church, orange leaf, and Scooby Doo with your oldest and best friend > anything. 

November, I am quite fond of you indeed. Care to stay for a while?

~ Abby

Sunday, November 4, 2012

reasons why november is a happy month

A lot of people treat November like it's a filler month; the period of time between gorgeous the October, and the silvery beauty of December. But I actually happen to really like November as much, if not more than the other fall months. 

You see, November is when you can begin to listen to Christmas music unabashedly. It's also finally feeling 'wintery', so you can justify wearing tights and scarves and beanies. November mornings are also very misty, and it tends to rain a lot where I live. I don't mind though; November rain > sunshine. 

Also, November is the one month anniversary of Taylor Swift's Red album. (No shame.) It's also perfect for picture taking, and it brings me that much closer to December 23rd. (My half birthday. Yes, I celebrate it. I'll be six months away from being an adult. Woo.) 

Basically, November is a month of book reading, doodling, and reminiscing. It's also a month of anticipation -- after all, November means that Christmas is just around the corner. And let us not forget about The Hobbit premiere. 

Never laugh at live dragons,

~ Abby 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

you may be exposed to high levels of nerd if you read this

In case you don't know what ARBA Convention is, it's basically when the rabbit freaks of the universe unite from all over America, Canada, Japan, and Malaysia, and delight in each other's nerdiness. (For more information you can read this post and this post.

Anyway, it was pretty much the funnest (that's totally a word, what are you talking about) weeks I've had in my entire high school career. And yes, I am mentally kicking myself for not taking more pictures. 

Anyway, there were over 20,000 rabbits. Twenty. Thousand. Rabbits. 

This isn't even the full view of the first room. And there were FOUR of these rooms. 

I came home myself with three new Polish. One can always use more does, no? 

This is a little buck I picked up. Ain't he cute? :) Thanks Chyann!

These are all the kids that competed from my state in the breed ID/judging/royalty contests. Talk about a great group of people! And did I mention that my breed ID placed 3rd in the nation?! Cause we did, and it was pretty epic. :D

Awkward mirror picture for the win. Not pictured: the 4 inch bright red heels that I wore. (Red shoes are the bomb diggity y'all.)

Then, on the next to last day of convention, there was the ARBA youth banquet and dance. Words cannot describe how much fun we had. 

Top 4 Memories of the Night: 

4) My team and I placing 3rd

3) Taking a bunch of wacky photobooth pictures with huge glasses and fake mustaches with a good friend of mine

2) Fast dancing with a guy friend of mine to Taylor Swift's I Knew You Were Trouble (Neither of us felt any shame whatsoever, in case you're wondering.)

1) Simply spending the night with good friends of mine -- some of which live states away. 

Sigh. I can't wait untill next year... Harrisburgh Pennsylvania, here I come. 

90th ARBA Convention or Bust! 

~ Abby

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

a great perhaps

From my Instagram
I've lived in the same small town since I was seven years old.
Yes, my friends have compared it to Mayberry.
We have a post office, a {very} small library, a coffee shop, and a family market.
In my town, kids hang out at the ball diamond, or at the ice cream shoppe. About 99% of the teenagers play either softball, or baseball.
Everyone knows everyone and their grandpa's cousin's sister's daughter's dog.
Sometimes I like living here, and other times I don't. I like that I can walk anywhere that I wish, safely. I like knowing most of the kids in town, even though I don't go to school with them.
But sometimes, I feel kind of stuck.
Now don't get me wrong, the country/small communities are amazing. But going somewhere where nobody knows you -- or your past -- just holds a certain allure, doesn't it?
One day, I am going to travel the world. I want to go to London, Israel, Italy, and Africa. I want to sip coffee in a French cafe, and work at an orphanage in China. I want to see the beautiful earth that God has created, and experience its wonders for myself. I want to seek A Great Perhaps.
But for now, I'll settle for a week in Kansas.
Bon voyage,
~ Abby



Friday, October 12, 2012

time flies

Well, I've had this blog for exactly a year now.
Seriously, the fact that I've stuck with something like this is pretty amazing. I'm so glad that I started blogging though. It's great to be able to look at my old entries and photos and seeing how much things have changed in a year; even though some (most actually) of my posts are pretty embarrassing now.
A year ago today I was stressing out about taking the PSAT for the first time, preparing to go to my first high school dance, and flashing around my shiny new learner's permit. Since then I've survived chemistry (relatively) unscathed, gotten my license (hello freedom), made a ton of new friends, and experienced and tried so many new things.
It's crazy to think about, but by this time next year, I'll be filling out applications for college.
A year ago I couldn't wait for time to pass, for high school to finish. And while I'm still looking forward to that, I'm pretty content with my life right now. I feel very, very blessed.
Before I conclude this little ramble, I want to thank my followers. (Geez, 41 of you!!!) When I started blogging, I never actually thought that I'd have any followers, so that aspect has been amazing.
Well, I'm off to do Spanish homework, and to write a letter to a lovely friend of mine. (Who might in fact, be reading this right now... :)
Time flies,

Monday, September 3, 2012

september challenge + a LONG ramble

I have been attacked by the creativity monster.
I think it began at the end of the last school year. The monsterous beast reared it's ugly head during finals week, and sucked me into it's treacherous clutches. I was sleep deprived, irritable, and pretty much running on straight coffee. (Apparently it's a side effect of taking enough classes to equal almost two full years of highschool in one.) Throw in some relationship issues, and a mounting pressure to live up to some unrealistic standards, and you had one stressed out teen. Writing of any sort, let alone blogging, was not a priority.
Then the summer came, and the monster tightened it's fatal grip. I was under summer's sleepy spell, and I had zero motivation to do anything productive whatsoever. If it wasn't  necessary, and wasn't a 4-H project, it mouldered untouched, in some dark corner somewhere. (Not something I'm proud of, but I'm trying to be honest here.)
Months passed, and I did not write anything of signifigance.
Not a journal entry, not a short story, not a blog post.
Don't get me wrong, I definitely wrote; just not anything worth reading. What little I accomplished was done so half heartedly, and was therefore uninteresting. And it just wasn't my writing voice that was lacking enthusiasm; I was apethetic, and having a hard time finding the motivation to do things that I normally really enjoyed -- things like dancing, photography, etc.
Then I had a very important (internal) conversation with myself. It went a little something like this:
"Self, you need to get it together. You need to roundhouse kick that creativity killing, motivation sucking monster in the face, and show it who's boss. What are you waiting for?! Pick up your pencil, your camera, your jazz shoes. Goest thou forth and conquer!!!"
And what did I say back to this wise, strongly opinionated, and somewhat violent version of myself?
Profound, I know. But it brings me to my point: you are only as (un)productive or (un)sucessful as you allow yourself to be.
"The secret to getting ahead, is getting started."
-- Mark Twain
So let's get started with the challenge, shall we?
September Challenge (a.k.a The I Want My Creativity Back Plan):
1) Spend time with The Creator each morning
2) Do not overlook the beauty of the ordinary
3) Take each day at a time
4) Give up the internet for a week
As of midnight tonight, I will begin number four. I'm not on the internet a ton, but it can be a major distraction. So for me personally, I will not be on blogger, twitter, tumblr, or any social networking at all until next Wednesday. (For my friends who read this, I will also not be responding to texts.) I am hoping that this will give me extra time to spend doing productive things, and refreshing to boot.
Until next week,
~ Abby
p.s. I really really hope that no one thinks I am crazy after reading this post. I promise, I am at least somewhat sane.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

spring mill

On Sunday, my family went on a short road trip. Our first stop: Spring Mill State Park. It was gorgeous. The lighting, the old buildings... Everything. It also helped that there were butterflies everywhere; something that was unexpected, but definitely not unwelcome.

And is it weird that I fell in love with the windows there? Yes, the windows. They were so old and beautiful; they softened the bright sunlight perfectly, making it ideal for taking pictures.

After visiting the park, we stopped at a very high end historical hotel. It was huge, and gorgeous, and spectacular. The first words out of my mouth when we walked in were "Wow! So much fancy!" Needless to say, the hotel staff were not particularly appreciative of my eloquent comments, nor my clicking SLR, or scuffed up chucks for that matter. 

The day ended on a sweet note, with shrimp and awkward, young waiters.

Sometimes it's good to get away. :)

~ Abby