Thursday, April 19, 2012

i am officially in love...

 ...with these guys. :)

They are some of the cutest, fuzziest, loudest things ever. Seriously, I almost died from their utter adorable-ness the first time I saw them. I actually ordered them back in February, and my entire family waited in anticipation until they got here last week. Each day I had a conversation with my siblings that went something like this:

Littles: "Are the duckies coming here today?"
Me: "No, not today. I promise that they'll be here soon though."
Littles: "When will they be here?"
Me: "When the shipment comes in."
Littles: "When will that be?"
Me: "Soon, I promise."

Needless to say, we were all ecstatic when they finally came. The moment I opened the box they were mailed in, a little black one popped out and ran across the barn floor, cheeping in indignation. My youngest brother giggled, then pointed at it and said: "That one's name is Laugh."

The name has stuck.

Here is a short little clip of their cute little selves. I apologize for my freakishly high voice... I hope I don't sound like that in person. If I do, I don't even know how I have any friends. :P

~ Abby


Kelsie said...

awww! our family got some a while ago! we loved them so much! we had names for all of them too:)

Jordan E. said...

They are so cute!

Jo said...

Aww! They are so adorable! :)

Katherine T. said...

UTTER adorable-ness!

Andrew G. Cox said...

I just love ducks. (Btw ducks are my favorite animal!)

Brooke said...

Those are sooo cute c: I wish I had a barn or lived on some sort of farm. I don't think any birds would enjoy living in my chlorine-filled pool ;9


~Brooke {via The Dove Tree}

Hannah said...

Oh, how adorable! My parents just got some baby chicks, and I love holding the little guys and watching them run around and flap their wings. So, so cute!

Leah E. said...

Such a cute post Tress! And they are so adorable. Ha,Your voice does not sound freakishly high in the video at all!