Monday, April 2, 2012

like butterfly wings

image courtesy of weheartit

I was out for a walk earlier this week, listening to my ipod, and enjoying the scent of spring. The butterflies were particularly appreciative of the flowers; they flitted from blossom to blossom, the sunshine illuminating their painted wings. As I watched the butterflies, a thought crossed my mind. Maybe it's silly, but I wanted to share it.

A butterfly's wings and a girl's heart seem to share many similarities; both posses a vibrant beauty, and are full of life. But what happens if a butterfly's wings are handled roughly? Their color will fade, and they may break or tear. If the butterfly is continually mistreated, it's wings may lose pigment completely, and the creature might even lose it's ability to fly.

The same kind of concept applies to girls. A girl who does not guard her heart may {perhaps even unknowingly,} give pieces of her heart away to many boys. The problem with this is that once you give away even a small sliver of your heart away, you never truly get it back. If a girl continues like this, the beauty of her heart will greatly diminish; by the time her wedding day arrives she may not be able to present her husband with a thing of delicate beauty -- only a heart that is a fraction of what it once was.

So is waiting for "the right one" really so old fashioned? Why do teenaged girls feel the need to rush into love? It's because we want to feel wanted. I know I do. But while I watched the butterflies' wings flutter that afternoon, I realized that I'm content to wait for love. Why? The answer is quite simple. I want to present him with an untouched beauty, a heart unmarred by past relationships.

Because really, that's the most precious thing I have to offer.

~ Abby

p.s. Besides, isn't the thought of someone saving himself for a future with you amazing? I think so. :)


Marcia said...

yes, yes, yes!

Leah E. said...

Beautifully written Tress! :)
So true. - I feel the same way about it too. We need to remember that especially as Christian girls. <3
And I never thought of butterflies and girl's hearts being alike!

Oh, and my mom saw your mom at Walmart yesterday! :) ha.

Abby said...

Thank you Marcia and Leah :)

Haha really? That's awesome! I haven't seen you guys in forever... I can't wait until chemistry ends so I can come back to 4-H :D

Leah E. said...
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Leah E. said...

Haha! IKR? Yeah, well I haven't been to one 4-H meeting yet! LOL
It's very bad of me.

Chemistry sounds fun. haha.

But I hope we get to see each other soond! :D

Jana said...

this is simply beautiful.
well written, friend. :)


Abby said...

Leah - Yes me too! It's been too long. :)

Jana - Why thank you. :)

Jordan E. said...

Beautiflly said and done! xo

Abby said...

Thanks! :)