Monday, January 23, 2012


quirk {kwurk}
noun: an individual peculiarity of character; mannerism or foible

I love quirks. They bring vibrance to personalities, and make individuals unique. I mean, can you imagine a world where everyone had the same interests, hobbies, and opinions? How boring that would be!

For instance, I have a friend who loves to dress in bright colors and bold patterns. She loves dangly earrings, hats, and fun shoes. Her choice in clothing is one of her quirks; her sense of style is completely her own, and it makes her stand out.

I was thinking about this the other day, and it made me notice some of my other friend's mannerisms. One good friend of mine has the most infectious laugh ever, and another touches her left ear whenever she concentrates on something. Those are their quirks, the little things that complete their character.

All of this made me think about what my habits are, and what makes me 'quirky'. So I thought it would be fun to compile a list. :)

I twirl my hair.

I usually do this while I'm daydreaming, or thinking really hard about something. But mostly daydreaming.

I have a penchant for fantastic and mellifluous words.

This is especially bad when I'm trying to write a paper. I struggle with not sounding like Eugene Meltzner, to borrow the colloquialism.

I clean things when I'm extremely angry.

So if you ever see me organizing my closet like a mad woman, run!

I'm not photogenic... At all.

I seriously don't think that I have one 'normal' picture of myself. I always seem to have a rather obnoxious grin on my face, or some other odd expression. Oh how I pity the poor soul who takes my senior pictures.

This is why I'm the photographer, not the photographee :P

I rest my case.

Happy Monday, :)

~ Abby


Jana said...

I love this post!! and yes, when you thInk of TCO, you do twirl your hair :P

Abby said...

Why thank you! :) Oh Jana... :P

Kenneth Lindsey said...

this is true!! oh and the Eugene Meltzner bit was awesome haha

Abby said...

Well I'm glad you liked it Slightly Evil Ken! :P

Kenneth Lindsey said...

all good meatloaves twirl their hair while thinking of tco...

Abby said...

Oh Kenneth... :P Haha!

Kenneth Lindsey said...


Leah E. said...

Haha I love this post.You're cute. :)
-You're so right! Our world would be so boring if we were all alike! We'd probably all hate each other! LOL