Friday, January 13, 2012

Snow day :)

The roads were too bad this morning to go to co-op. So today was my very first snow day of the year. And what do you do on snow days?

You make cookies of course.

And then what do you do after you eat some of the cookies?

You go outside and take pictures silly.

Snow I believe, is a happy thing. :)

Have a nice weekend :)

~ Abby


Orla Harrington said...

Lovely post. :) We haven't had any snow days all winter here in Ireland, though last year we had snow for nearly 2 months! And yes, there were lots of cookies baked and photos taken. :)

Abby said...

Thank you :) Yes, cookie baking and photography are activities that are well suited to winter days. :)

jana said...

splendid. absolutely splendid! I *love* your pictures!

Abby said...

Why thank you m'dear! :)