Monday, February 4, 2013

come inside for a little homemade tea // confessions

Ed Sheeran is my favorite. And I think he should be everyone's favorite. For real. I mean, not only is he an amazing musician, he wears sweatshirts daily. And he's funny. And he's ginger. What's not to like? 

Speaking of music, I have the most bipolar taste in it ever. Some of my very favorite artists include Ingrid Michaelson, Imagine Dragons, fun., and stuff from the 40's and 60's. But I also have a soft spot for One Direction. I know. One Direction. *covers face in shame*

I use winky faces too often. ;)

I have a weird sense of style. There's one side of me that really likes jeans and sweaters, and another {possibly bigger} side of me that has a great fondness for sweats and hoodies. That being said, I also really like dresses, heels, and red lips. {And someday, when I'm living in N.Y.C. and working as a big time artistic director, I will wear such things.}

#ilikeusinghashtags #evenwhenimnotontwitter #sorrynotsorry

My favorite color is scarlet. It used to be blue, but then I saw the light. It is such a bold, vibrant, fearless color. I like it lots. 

I check out too many books. Right now I have Ender's Game, Les Mis, Romeo and Juliet, The Great Gatsby, The Kill Order, Insurgent, and Paper Towns. And did I mention that Les Mis alone is over 1,500 pages? I know, it's bad. 

I struggle with not feeling 'good enough'. I think it's partly because I'm an oldest child, and I feel a lot of pressure to be perfect. But I'm beginning to realize that you can't be amazing at everything or liked by everyone, and that's okay. Perfection is impossible, and it's unhealthy to expect that from yourself. 

Because the above has finally dawned on me, I enjoy doing things a lot more. Like painting, photography, scrapbooking, and soccer. I'm not really talented at any of those things, but I do them any way because I like to. Even if I look like a fool at times.  

Also, I eat chocolate too much. Just throwing that out there. :)

Good night and joy be with you all, 

~ Abby

p.s. if you caught both references to ed sheeran in this post, then you my friend, are an awesome person. also, someone should give you a cookie. ;)


Jordan Eaks said...

:) I loved reading this. I'm the same way about music, the only thing I can't stand is country. You have an awesome sense of style! Scarlet is a beautiful color. I've been reading Les Mis and am going to read Ender's Game because a nerd guy friend told me about it and that it was good, lol. Have you seen the Les Mis movie? I'm curious about how good it is from a christian standpoint.

Jordan Eaks said...

Oh, and AWESOME shot. I just realized a shocking discovery that I never emailed you about this type of shot...I suck at being a friend, sorry! :( lol but you did an awesome job on this shot. totally love it! Okay, I'll stop rambling now.

Abby said...

Thanks Jordan! And I'm the same way, I'm not big on country, unless it's Taylor Swift.

And no, I haven't seen Les Mis yet. I wanted to read the book first, so I can fully appreciate the amazingness of it when I finally do see it. ;) But a lot of my friends have seen it, and loved it.

Haha thanks! And you're fine! I think it was good for me to figure it out on my own, if you know what I mean. :)

Katherine T. said...

1.) ED SHEERAN <3 I'm gonna' pull a hipster move and say I loved him BEFORE he was on the radio. True Fact. And I love him.

2.) The rest of this post is honest and sweet.

Abby said...

Isn't he amazing? I heard Lego House for the first time about two years ago, and I've loved him ever since. :)

Thanks dear. <3

Leah E. said...

Such a great post. <3
I agree with you there. Aha. I pretty much live in sweatshirts and sweatpants, and love it. Haha. I do like to wear nice things though too. Nice to me is jeans and a cute shirt. Haha.

I love that picture of the tea by the way. You captured the steam really well.
I think we all struggle with not being good enough, especially Christian teenage girls. Amen, and I agree with you! No one is perfect. We have to realize that God loves us anyway. All of our faults & sins He has forgiven, and is still forgiving.

Thanks so much for commenting on my blog. That made me smile. :)