Monday, April 16, 2012

shades of gray

image courtesy of weheartit

I really, really love the color gray. It's such a comforting, natural hue. Nothing about it particularly stands out, but it looks so pretty.

 When I see gray, I think of old black and white photos, fuzzy new kittens,and comfy old sweaters. I think of the sky's color that moment when it's not quite morning, yet not quite night. I remember singing in the rain with friends, and goofily waving at passing cars. I think about driving for the first time, and the feel of the vehicle's gray leather seats. I think of pencil sketches, melting snow, and new CDs. I think of gray.

Do you like this wonderful shade?

~ Abby

p.s. For some reason blogger published this last Thursday when it was still a draft. Awkward. ;)

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Katherine T. said...

I love this. Perfectly describes how I MYSELF have felt and continue to feel about gray. <3