Saturday, April 7, 2012

a good kind of morning

waking up early and enjoying the peace :: having my morning devotional and finding an extremely convicting verse :: eating butter and honey toast for breakfast :: sipping coffee while listening to the hunger games soundtrack :: watching the sunrise peek from behind the trees :: hearing the rooster crow and the hens cluck while i gather the eggs :: slightly muddy boots after chore time :: listening to anthem lights while getting ready :: ignoring capitalization and grammar rules for the moment :: discovering that an old starbucks frappe bottle makes a nice vase for a few wild flowers:: enjoying the morning breeze through my window, and thanking God for such a lovely day ::

'twas quite a beautiful morning. how was yours?

~ Abby

p.s. i got a tumblr! but you should only check it out if you like silly bits of fluff. :)

p.p.s. do any of you guys have tumblrs? i need more tumblrs to fill up my dashboard...


Jordan E. said...

Oh it's been a glorious morning for me too! Got up, drank my coffee and then took my car (that finally is fixed) to the car wash! ha - don't know when the last time she went. Definitely not as me as her owner. :D
cleaned and swept her out and she's looking good as new! As new as a 1987 honda can look! ha ha :) Had a session with a 6 month old, now relaxing until my second session of the day, at 4:00! Great, great day. xo
p.s. love your photos - espesh that second one!!

Simi said...

I love simple mornings like this! today I took the oppurtunity to sleep in as long as possible :) beautiful pictures, dear! xx.