Sunday, November 4, 2012

reasons why november is a happy month

A lot of people treat November like it's a filler month; the period of time between gorgeous the October, and the silvery beauty of December. But I actually happen to really like November as much, if not more than the other fall months. 

You see, November is when you can begin to listen to Christmas music unabashedly. It's also finally feeling 'wintery', so you can justify wearing tights and scarves and beanies. November mornings are also very misty, and it tends to rain a lot where I live. I don't mind though; November rain > sunshine. 

Also, November is the one month anniversary of Taylor Swift's Red album. (No shame.) It's also perfect for picture taking, and it brings me that much closer to December 23rd. (My half birthday. Yes, I celebrate it. I'll be six months away from being an adult. Woo.) 

Basically, November is a month of book reading, doodling, and reminiscing. It's also a month of anticipation -- after all, November means that Christmas is just around the corner. And let us not forget about The Hobbit premiere. 

Never laugh at live dragons,

~ Abby 


marcia said...

yes.yes.yes AMEN! and totally love Taylor's new music!

Katherine T. said...

"Never Laugh At Live Dragons" Is one of my FAVORITE quotes from that book. :D

Abby said...

Marcia - Yes, her new album is amazing... I love each and every song!

Katie - It's one of my favorite as well. :) I REALLY need to reread The Hobbit before it comes out in theatres.

Emma said...

What a sweet picture!