Tuesday, November 27, 2012

candid moments

I have developed a deeper appreciation for snapshots. And black and white photos. I feel like sometimes I get wrapped up in making a shot look as 'good' as possible. It's like I have a mental list in my head of what makes a nice photo -- and if a picture doesn't have good composition, contrast, and a unique subject, then it isn't worth keeping. So as a result of my faulty thinking, I very rarely took snapshots. 

But one day I was really frustrated with some of my homework, and decided to clear my head by taking some pictures of my little sister. {She was playing with homemade play doh.} Though none of these are 'perfect', I'm so very happy with them. 

I think candid shots capture people's personality incredibly well. 

And if candid shots capture the personality, then black and white candids must capture the soul. 

Do you like candid shots? 

~ Abby


Katherine T. said...

These are breathtaking.

Leah E. said...

Aww, these are all so adorable!
Candid shots are always great, but just like you, many times I forget about them, and think a picture has to be posed, and look just right. Great reminder, and these are some great B&Ws. :)