Thursday, November 1, 2012

you may be exposed to high levels of nerd if you read this

In case you don't know what ARBA Convention is, it's basically when the rabbit freaks of the universe unite from all over America, Canada, Japan, and Malaysia, and delight in each other's nerdiness. (For more information you can read this post and this post.

Anyway, it was pretty much the funnest (that's totally a word, what are you talking about) weeks I've had in my entire high school career. And yes, I am mentally kicking myself for not taking more pictures. 

Anyway, there were over 20,000 rabbits. Twenty. Thousand. Rabbits. 

This isn't even the full view of the first room. And there were FOUR of these rooms. 

I came home myself with three new Polish. One can always use more does, no? 

This is a little buck I picked up. Ain't he cute? :) Thanks Chyann!

These are all the kids that competed from my state in the breed ID/judging/royalty contests. Talk about a great group of people! And did I mention that my breed ID placed 3rd in the nation?! Cause we did, and it was pretty epic. :D

Awkward mirror picture for the win. Not pictured: the 4 inch bright red heels that I wore. (Red shoes are the bomb diggity y'all.)

Then, on the next to last day of convention, there was the ARBA youth banquet and dance. Words cannot describe how much fun we had. 

Top 4 Memories of the Night: 

4) My team and I placing 3rd

3) Taking a bunch of wacky photobooth pictures with huge glasses and fake mustaches with a good friend of mine

2) Fast dancing with a guy friend of mine to Taylor Swift's I Knew You Were Trouble (Neither of us felt any shame whatsoever, in case you're wondering.)

1) Simply spending the night with good friends of mine -- some of which live states away. 

Sigh. I can't wait untill next year... Harrisburgh Pennsylvania, here I come. 

90th ARBA Convention or Bust! 

~ Abby

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Katherine T. said...

Despite the fact that I know little to nothing about rabbits and the general nerdiness that precedes it... This is adorable. And I miss you lady :)