Thursday, October 27, 2011

Of convention, cameras, and competition

Have you ever heard of the American Rabbit Breeders Association? Its kind of like an AKC on for rabbits. There are over 47 different breeds, and each breed has what is called 'a standard', which is basically a description of what a perfect rabbit of that breed would be. (Sometimes referred to as "The Bunny Bible" :P)

                                                     A small sample of some of the breeds.

Anyway, once a year the ARBA puts on a National Convention. This is the largest rabbit competition in the world, and where you go to compete with the proverbial 'top dogs'. (Errr, I mean, top rabbits that is). At any one convention, you can expect up to 30,000 rabbits!  But just as importantly, they have youth competitions: judging, royalty, showmanship, and breed ID.

                                                  This explains the youth contests a bit more. :)

Guess who qualified for a breed ID team this year?! Yes, moi. :P I've never competed at a national level, so I'm kinda unsure of what to expect... But it'll be fun nonetheless!

And guess what?! My camera is working again! (It hadn't been working for the past week and half... I was very sad). I had been using my brother's old camera, which looks like this:

                                                               Isn't it great?! *rolls eyes*

But its been such a blessing that its working again... I didn't exactly have $500 to blow on an SLR. Plus, its working just in time for me to take pictures for a photography contest I signed up for a while ago! Isn't that such a God thing?

~ Abby


jana said...

I'm so happy your camera is working again! :)
I know you'll do great at the convention next week!!

Abby said...

Meeeee tooooo :)
Thanks! I'm really looking forward to it. :)