Friday, October 14, 2011

In which i make an attempt at sardonic humor

*Warning: the following was written about 8 months ago whilst the author was incredibly bored*

Something most of us could use more of.

Unfortunately, I fall into that catagory. I really really want to 
stick to that diet, ace that test, etc. But I don't try hard enough. 
Yes, this is one of my shortcomings; but I have been working on it. I 
have improved though. But there are some things people use to justify 
their lack of self motivation. Such as...

1. I'm too busy.

Yes, I know. You are to busy checking your facebook, reading that 
magazine, or watching that tv show. You're right, all that is much more 
important than getting amazing grades so you can one day get into 
college, get a job, find the cure for cancer, and invent self tying 
shoes. Gotcha.

2. I'll do it... Tomorrow.

Ah, the famous 't' word. Did you know that tomorrow will be today and 
that the next tomorrow will also be today? So by using that 't' word, 
you are actually saying "Yeah, I'll do it never". BUT, it sounds like 
you are legitimately going to do it soon, thus getting out of doing it 

3. I'll get to it right after I finish _______.

Yes, I'm sure you will. But after you finish _________, something 
else, such as _________ is bound to come up.

I'm in no way trying to degrade the fine individuals who use these 
excuses, I use them myself more than I ought to. But, it might be an 
issue that might need some attenention in you're life.

I know, you'll give it some attention right after you finish 
___________, maybe sometime tomorrow. I get it, your busy.

So, did you like it? Did you hate it? Comment and tell me! :D
~ Abigail     

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