Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Oh hi there! :)

Stop a second.

 I want you to read the following words and absorb their full meaning.

You are awesome because you are reading my very first post ever. You are awesome to witness the start of my blog, which may or may not become a regularly updated thing. (Which could go either way, I'd like to say that I always start what I finish, but lets face it, if I did I'd be lying.) But anywho, you are most awesome for being your unique awesome self. Yes, I do sound cheesey, but whatevs. :)

I've always wanted a blog, but have put off getting one for a long while. The reason being because I was afraid to open myself up and share what I have to say. But I'm finally taking that first step. I may never have a single follower, but in reality, thats ok. I'm writing for me, not for anybody else.

But should I ever have any followers, I feel like I should apologize in advance. I'm sure that the first few posts will be rough and that I'll probably tend to ramble. I definitely need to try to 'personalize' my writing style a bit. But hey, I'm sure it'll come in time.

So, I guess its best to start with an introduction.


I'm Abigail.

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