Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dear boys

Dear daddy,

Thanks for being somewhat cool about me going to that dance this week. I really appreciate it. :)


Your daughter

Dear concerned brother,

Chill. You seriously need to switch to decaf. :P

Seriously annoyed,

Your sister

Dear "Gale",

Please note that I just want to be friends. You're not my type, and I mean that in the most un-offending way possible.


Your friend :)

Dear "Yellow and Blue",

It was good seeing you again. :D

Best regards,

A girl

Dear Dr. Pepper,

Why are you so awesome?! I mean, sometimes you just brighten my day. :D

With much love,

An admirer

~ Abby



jana said...

i love this! i almost did this the other day.. i might give it a try:)

hehe, i loved seeing "Yellow and Blue" too;)

Abby said...

Thanks! :) Yes, do it do it!

haha, I don't think that I'm going to respond to that parting shot. :P