Wednesday, August 15, 2012

spring mill

On Sunday, my family went on a short road trip. Our first stop: Spring Mill State Park. It was gorgeous. The lighting, the old buildings... Everything. It also helped that there were butterflies everywhere; something that was unexpected, but definitely not unwelcome.

And is it weird that I fell in love with the windows there? Yes, the windows. They were so old and beautiful; they softened the bright sunlight perfectly, making it ideal for taking pictures.

After visiting the park, we stopped at a very high end historical hotel. It was huge, and gorgeous, and spectacular. The first words out of my mouth when we walked in were "Wow! So much fancy!" Needless to say, the hotel staff were not particularly appreciative of my eloquent comments, nor my clicking SLR, or scuffed up chucks for that matter. 

The day ended on a sweet note, with shrimp and awkward, young waiters.

Sometimes it's good to get away. :)

~ Abby

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Leah E. said...

Gorgeous pictures, Tressia! :)