Monday, December 17, 2012

bits 'n' pieces

I was cleaning my room earlier this evening, when I stumbled upon an old shoe box. 

I hadn't seen it since summer, and I eagerly opened it. You see, this particular box is very special to me. All through freshman and sophomore year I stashed little things that reminded me of my favorite moments in it. I fondly referred to it as my 'souvenir box', and pulled it out every once in a while when I was feeling down. Reminiscing about such things made me smile -- even when I was going through something difficult. 

But after almost six months, I didn't really remember what I had in it. 

And what I found inside really wasn't anything extraordinary; I discovered both of my journals from my first two years in high school. Old tickets from movies, plays, recitals, and sporting events past. Pictures galore; including the one above from this past summer. A painted rock, a red pointe shoe, a 4-H tiara. Illegal in class notes from friends. An worn play script from freshman year, and some clippings from when I've made it into the newspaper. Receipts. Ribbons. My first short story.

They were all just little bits of things, but looking at them almost brought me to tears for some reason. Each trinket signified something special to me -- a piece from my past. Things I gathered at a time when I felt like life was dragging on. A time when I thought that I'd be fifteen forever. 

And now I'm seventeen; about six months away from being an adult. I've traded Biology homework for SAT preps, and riding my bike for driving a car. Things are moving fast right now, and I sometimes have a hard time thinking about anything other than the future. 

But looking through that box reminded me that "forever is composed of nows". I won't always be able to spend my weekends attending dances and putting off my homework, and I need to enjoy those days when I'm sleepily running to and from dance rehearsals and 4-H fair. Time moves quickly, and I need to take a breath and enjoy the moment.

After all, it won't last forever. 

Much love, 

~ Abby

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Kate said...

I. Love. This. Post.
I feel empathy with every sentence.
I wrote a post a little while ago that is similar to this one.

Lovely, just lovely!

---->> Kate