Wednesday, January 2, 2013

of Christmas break

So over the past two weeks I have written a total of four half completed blog posts. They were about Christmas, the New Year, and such -- all oozing various amounts of cheesiness. But, I didn't really feel like writing, so I never finished one. But here's the highlights of my Christmas break:

1) I was in a car wreck, and survived. {Obviously.}

2) I ate chocolate with watched tv with pulled pranks with spent quality time with my awesome cousins. This included large amounts of Apples to Apples, a Christmas Story, and silly string. I'm really okay with that. 

3) I hung out with the rest of my fam, and my awesome friends. 

4) I discovered The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. If you like Jane Austen, or you're just a nerd in general, you should go watch these. You will love them. 

In other {non}news, I am sore and walking like a grandma due to this: 

This is my local studio. It's also pretty much my second home, and my happy place. I pretty much live there, especially during the summer... But I really don't mind.

This is the beginning of one of the routines that my friend Erica {neon shirt} and I are currently working on. It's really simple, slow, and easy, but it'll allow for a lot of facial expression and acting, and I'm super excited about that. {And on a side note, she isn't doing it full out, she's mostly just marking... We literally learned it five minutes before I took this video.}

We're also doing a pretty snazzy jazz number to a remix of "Lights". It's really fast and technical, and I'm really enjoying it. Plus, the three most advanced tappers and I are going to do a dance together. Tap is our studio's strong point, and I've performed a lot with the three of them in the past. It should be pretty epic, if I do say so myself. 

And guess what else?! There's an Orange Leaf literally two minutes away from the studio. Can you say frozen yogurt for dinner? I can. 

Working for three hours on pointe justifies the calories... Right?

How was your Christmas break?

~ Abby


Mathew Bradfield said...

Your 2nd Home is Across The Street From My Church!!

Abby said...

Seriously? That's awesome! I didn't know that you went there. :)