Monday, January 14, 2013

there is no such thing as boredom {a rant}

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I got on Facebook yesterday, and what I saw shocked me. 

Nothing new there, right? 

Well no. But this was a different kind of shocking. 

Three different people were complaining because they were suffering from lack of intellectual stimulation -- a condition more commonly known as boredom. 

Boredom. Really? 

Now maybe I'm the only one who is frustrated by this. But let's take a moment and really think about what we're dealing with here; an American who is living in the most technologically advanced era mankind has ever experienced, is complaining of not having anything entertaining to do. For real? You have more data available at your fingertips than your ancestors had access to in their entire lives, and you're bored? Ridiculous. 

But I think the real problem here is this: social media and technology has, in many ways, made us lazy and uncreative. Think about it. In the past, people used their free time to do things like painting, reading, and interacting with people face-to-face. Now what do a lot of us use it for? The monstrosities known as Facebook and Instagram. 

For the sake of anyone who might be actually reading this, let me cut to the chase. Go read a book, go for a run, or call up a friend. I can personally recommend a half a dozen books right off the top of my head. But my point is, no one should ever be bored. Put the iPhone down, and go do something fun and creative. Life is too short to waste a single moment.

What will I do if I ever run out of projects? Well, I plan to dress up as Luna Lovegood, and walk dazedly around Wal Mart. It should be fun. 

Anyone have a blonde wig?

~ Abby 

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I love this! <3

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