Sunday, January 20, 2013

that one weekend I had sushi

My Saturday morning started innocently enough; I woke up to a bright sunshiny room, and a not-so-sunshiny alarm. I had some dance classes and a conditioning session before them, so I hopped into my car, and zoomed off to the studio.

Four hours later, it was lunchtime. And some fellow dancers of mine decided that it was high time that my friend Haylee and I tried sushi. So we did. 

It was interesting.

Being the sushi virgins that we were, our waitress had to show us how to eat it. {apparently stabbing it repeatedly with chopsticks is not acceptable.} After doing so, she told us that you're supposed to eat some ginger afterwards, to "cleanse the palette." {FYI, the ginger tastes like Pledge and NyQuil. I was actually wondering if they spray it with Pledge. That would certainly explain how it cleans the taste out of your mouth.}

The actual sushi wasn't bad. Except for the eel, it was all quite good. Different, but good.

However, we decided that the deep fried chicken and soy sauce was much more agreeable to our stomachs.

Such a traumatizing experience called for some rehab,  so I had a couple of friends over for the night. We had tea, a Say Yes to the Dress marathon, and laughed hysterically for about five hours straight. But hey, it's cheaper than a psychiatrist. ;)

What's the weirdest thing you've ever tried?

~ Abby

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katie josephine said...

Trying Sushi is actually on my 2013 bucket list. Needless to say, I'm putting it off...