Sunday, December 9, 2012

on originality

[ Forward: I am not in anyway talking about any writer other than myself. This is just something that I've noticed happening in the past with my own scribblings, and it needs to come to an end. Now. ]

I think that I really conformed with my blogging style in the past. I guess that I subconsciously thought I had to stay within a little 'box' for my blog to be successful; i.e. always have nostalgic pictures, perfect discussions about how lovely life is, and a perfect overload of adjectives. 

But that's not real. Or original. My life isn't always lovely, my writing style isn't actually like that, and to be quite frank, I am too lazy ADD to spend 50 hours a week editing photos. {The little sarcastic voice in my head is yelling enthusiastically "ain't nobody got time for that!"}

And looking back, the only posts that I still actually like are the ones that were a bit odd -- the ones that allowed my personality to come through. {Such as this, this, and this.} And to be honest, I think it's more enjoyable to read quirky blogs, like this, this, and this. {I am saying "this" a lot. I shall stop this madness.} 

So, I am going to start writing more quirkily; more like me. Which is also why I was feeling like it was time to change my webloggity around a bit -- thus the new name. how I love thee.

That's what I want this to be: quirky, and maybe slightly peculiar. I want my writing to reflect who I am -- not what is popular and lovely. 

So hi. I'm Abby, and I'm going to write about whatever the heck I want. Google and honey badgers alike! 

They can be quite scary, can't they?

~ Abby


Katherine T. said...

The black girl diva in me screams "You go girl!!" with a snap snap snap in a "z" formation! <3

Abby said...

^ That comment. I like it. ;D


Andrew G. Cox said...

But Hey Honeybadger don't care!!