Saturday, November 12, 2011

So many books, so little time

Ahhhh, books. Seriously, there is nothing better on a cold day than wrapping up in a blanket, drinking hot chocolate, and curling up with a story. Preferably fiction, or better yet, fantasy. Yes, a good fantasy is always the best story, at least in my book. (Pun intended :P)

The only problem I have though, is that there are too many awesome books for me to read. With my schedule, I only have time for long periods of  'fun' reading on the weekends, and that hasn't been enough to sate my hunger. I mean really, would you rather be learning about dry subjects like math and chemistry, or would you prefer to escape into an epic adventure, filled with excitement and romance?

 I thought so.

So what is currently on my reading list right now? Well, lets just have a looksee...

WOW. This book is EPIC so far! I'm about 3/4 of the way through it, and I'll probably stay up all night to finish it... I won't exactly be quite alert for church tomorrow, but I MUST finish this book.

*I'm considering doing a review on this one... Would that be totally dumb?*

After I finish Inheritance, this is next up. I've had a couple of friends tell me about it, so its been on my reading list for a while... I'll probably start it during study hall on Wednesday. :P

I'm SO excited to read this one! I absolutely LOVED Markus Zuask's other book, The Book Thief, so I'm expecting great things from this one. :)

So thats whats on my 'to read' list... Whats on yours? What books have you been enjoying lately?



kwinn said...

I've been reading the Pendragon series lately.

kwinn said...

My comments aren't showing up! Is that problem or is someone deleting them?

Abby said...

Sorry Kwinn, I didn't see this until now! I'll check my blog setttings and see whats up, but I haven't been deleting them. :)