Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I think your pretty neat.

Ok, so I SO stole this from Jana at Sunshine, Songbirds, and Blueskies. Thankfully, she is a sweet, understanding person, so she doesn't mind me sealing her awesome original idea. :)

So this is going to be like the "dear boys" post, only not. (I know, I'm so descriptive!)

Dear harmonizing partner,

Thank you for putting up with my freaking out and giddiness last Saturday. (I'm sure I was quite annoying and immature). I greatly enjoy eating pizza, singing one shot, and telling random inside jokes with you. (I'm like an owl!!!) Thanks for always being my friend, even when I probably don't deserve it. :)


The singer


Dear little brother,

Thanks for being understanding. I guess you aren't so bad, and quite frankly, you crack me up. :D


Your sister

Dear Cow,

I haven't talked to you in a while! Text me? (it's a dancing tent!!!) We have to get together asap, I still have your HP movies ya know. ;)

Looking forward to exchanging verbally,



      Dear newfound bunny friend,

                         I wish I had gotten your phone #. Email. Anything. See you at the shows? Someone has to help me keep those crazy guys in check!

See you soon, (hopefully!)

The rabbit freak

Dear photography buddy,

I love your shirt. No seriously, the one you had on today. I'm also quite excited for you since you got your braces off; your smile looks very pretty. :) I look forward to enjoying the rest of highschool and beyond while being your friend; After all, we are such a fearless pair, the two of us. :)


Your partner in crime

P.s. I too love our love of lovely hunger games references as well... And peeta is quite lovely as well. ;)

Dear Idontevenknowwhattocallyou,

Hmmm, I wonder if it would freak you out if you knew how much I think of you... You are a great, Christian guy, and I admire you so much. I'm going to stop talking about you now though, because it makes me rather uncomfortable.


The girl with the green eyes

~ Abby


jana said...

I love this! :)
I'm glad you urged me to post mine!
We're such dorks for blogging in study hall :)

Abby said...

Why thank you! :)
I looooved yours, your writing style is awesome! :)
What?! Us? Dorks?? Never. :P

kwinn said...


jana said...

Thank you! Even though I beg to differ!
Haha. Why, we should never be classified as dorks!

OH.MY.WORD. The Hunger Game's trailer comes out Monday!!!

Haa, yeah, definitely not dorks...