Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fall photo shoot

Yesterday was wonderful. My friend and I had planned a photoshoot a couple weeks ago, so we grabbed our cameras and headed for the woods. :)

Goofing off

Awesome purple converse :)

A skull we found

My favorite picture I got that day :)

It was SO gorgeous outside... Look at that sky!

Me :P

~ Abby

Pee Ess: Today I was able to see Hawk Nelson sing Journey's "Don't Stop Believing"... My life is now complete. :D



jana said... :)
I love the text you put on the first picture. It's pretty neat! ;)

Abby said...

Yes it was :) I think it would be fun to do another photoshoot back there after we get some snow... What do you think?

Thank you!

jana said...

That would be awesome! :)

kwinn said...

Hey nice pictures! Those shoes are awesome, purple is my favorite color!

Abby said...

Thank you! And yes, her shoes are most definitely awesome :)