Sunday, December 18, 2011

The wonders of sunday afternoons

Sunday afternoons, in my opinion, are one of the best times of the week. After church, my family and I normally swing by the local taco bell, before heading home and enjoying a relaxing afternoon of nap taking and book reading. Today however, deviated from my regular Sunday program.

You see, I have this awesome friend named Leah. And she has an awesome personality, and an awesome sense of fun. So you see, she's pretty much an awesome person.

And this Sunday we decided to go on a little adventure.

 Our journey first began on a mile long walk to the nearest mcdonalds. When we arrived, we proceeded to eat delicious ice cream and take pictures of ourselves seductively eating the treats. The foremost was exceedingly easy, but we pretty much failed at the second. Then, seeing a store right across from Mickey D's, we decided to do a little shopping.

We encountered many colorful characters on this escapade.

Elmo, my childhood hero.

Seriously, these were disturbing. What kind of person would want to stick their child's foot into Spongebob's mouth? *shudders*

We even met a celebrity... The pig from Angry Birds himself! 

And we ended our shopping experience with a photoshoot in the toilet paper aisle, 'cause we're awesome like that.

We completed the day with pizza, a round of sardines with some friends, and one epic ping pong tournament. Yes I know, we're such party freaks.

 Life is good. :)

 ~ Abby


Leah said...

Yes, Sunday was 'pretty neat'! (I hope you don't mind me copying you, Jana ;) It was so fun! And ping pong was SAweet! We need to have a re-match. (again, lol) Thanks for all the fun!


Abby said...

Oh yes... It was awesome. :) And I loved the re-match we had today haha.