Sunday, December 11, 2011

I think you're pretty neat.

Dear girl in the green dress,
I had so much fun getting ready with you. :) You looked absolutely stunning. However, I’m not sure if we spent more time doing our hair and makeup, or dancing around and freaking out together. :D
Remember, the score still stands at 11-1 :P
Your angelic twin

Dear guitar dude,
I hope you know that we’re just friends, but I had a good time with you. I hope you did as well. And no, you did not step on my toes. :)
Your friend

Dear ponytail,
No, my shoes aren’t red, they’re scarlet. :P Thanks for dancing with me, and thank you for your words of wisdom. It’s much easier to hear it from someone like you.

Dear girl in the “jewel tone dress”,
You my dear, are a fun person. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you better this year; I’m very glad we’re friends. :) (And I think I ought to tell you that you looked lovely as well.)
Remember the dictionary hehe,

Dear cupcake man and his girl,
You two are one of the most adorable things I have ever seen. Seriously. :)
Cupcake man’s cousin

Dear yellow and blue,
I think you’re pretty neat.
Trying not to blush,
A girl

~ Abby

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