Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hello December

Hello December, I’ve been waiting for you. :)
You’re such a magical month. You always turn up right as I’m beginning to tire of the wet, cold, and dreary month of November.
You brighten my day when I see Christmas lights cheering up and bringing warmth to homes.

You make me think of curling up with a book and a warm blanket, while it snows outside.

You cause me to ponder the art of making the perfect cup of hot chocolate.

You dazzle me with the beauty of God’s creation when I see scenes like this:

And to be quite frank December, you make me

So, hello December. Care to stay for a while?
~ Abby
p.s. all photos courtesy of weheartit, which I discovered yesterday and am now in love with. <3


kwinn said...

Like the Pics!

jana said...

this post makes me smile :)

Abby said...

Thanks guys :)

Quinn said...

Lovely post!
I remember whenI lived in Washington state last year, where it rains for 9 months out of the year, the Christmas lights just brightened everything up. Even with all the constant rain. :)