Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Snow, kitties, and black and white goodness

It snowed here for the first time a couple of days ago.

I was ecstatic.

And then the weather was like "LOL, just kidding."

So now the snow is almost all gone, to the extreme disappointment of many.

But I did manage to get some pictures of the remaining piles of snow, along with my kitty helpers. (Who seem to be more intent on licking my camera and I, instead of aiding me with my photography endeavors.)

I'm pretty sure these are kitty footprints, at least thats what I'm guessing. Its either that or a giant, man eating monster that lives behind my rabbit barn. So yeah, I'm definitely hoping that they are just kitty prints.

After taking this picture, I showed it to my brother, and asked him if it reminded him of anything. The following conversation ensued:

Me: "Hey, does this remind you of anything?" *shows the picture*

Brother: "Ummmm, a light?"

Me: "Yeah, I didn't think you'd get it... It may or may not be more of a girl thing."

Brother: "OH! Narnia!"

Me: "Exactly."

Brother: "Yay, I think like a girl apparently!"

Me: *facepalm*

Now, could you point me in the direction of Mr. Tumnus?

~ Abby

P.S. I'm currently obsessed with Taylor Swift's song "Safe and Sound", which is from the Hunger Games movie... Has anyone else heard it?

                                              P.P.S. Wow, I posted two days in a row... I'm beast. :P


jana said...

Lovely pictures! Haha, that conversation makes me laugh. Upon looking at that picture, I thought of Narnia (:

Abby said...

Thank you! :) Yeah, well that is my brother for you! ;)