Saturday, December 31, 2011


To be quite honest, I've never been good about making resolutions. Mostly because I get over ambitious when making my list, and then get discouraged when I don't complete them. (Oh, and I often lose my list... *blushes*) But I thought that maybe posting them on the internet for the world to see would help keep me motivated.

1. Read the Bible in chronological order (Genesis-Revlation)
2. Keep a journal
3. Get back into running
4. Complete my 365 project
5. Have a minimum of 10 English Spot litters (Because baby bunnies are cute!)
6. Learn how to make lattice pies
7. Sing more loudly
8. Read 60 non-school books (yikes!)
9. Find a job so I can have money (I know, so sefless and eloquent)
10. Make at least 5 new friends
11. Try sushi
12. Take pictures like a mad woman
13. Wear fuzzy socks often
14. Jump on the trampoline with gusto (Because bouncing makes life better)
15. Buy a yellow or red pair of converse, once I wear my current pair out
16. Have the best summer ever
17. Live 2012 to the fullest

Anything you're hoping to accomplish in 2012?

~ Abby


Kenneth Lindsey said...

you forgot "txt tco" lol

Abby said...

Thanks Ken. :P But I did! :)