Friday, May 3, 2013

le love list

:: Red Hair ::

It's no secret that I've always been jealous of naturally auburn haired ladies. In fact, I remember plotting to dye my hair red when I was four years old, so I could be Ariel in The Little Mermaid. {I never could figure out how to grow a fishtail though -- I'm still trying to work that out.} So when my mom gave me permission to use a temporary hair dye, I immediately took her up on it.

At first the dye turned my hair more Katy Perry purple and less Emma Stone red. *cue freaking out* But it's faded some, and I'm beginning to like it a bit.

:: Reeses McFlurries ::

I've gotten into the horrible habit of picking one of these up with friends after dance classes and Wednesday night small group. I know, it's bad. But they're so delicious. And cheap. And addictive. {I am 99% sure that McDonalds ice cream has the same addiction inducing properties as meth. I am also pretty sure that this country's obesity rate agrees with me.}

:: Escape from Camp 14 :: 

This book blows my mind. {All though I might be a bit biased, considering that I am currently obsessed with North Korea.}  It's an extremely fast paced, eye opening, engaging read, and I highly recommend it. 

:: Les Mis :: 

I saw it for the first time about a month ago -- and I've since seen it about 5 times. *blushes* Seriously, it's so brilliant; the acting, the music, the everything. Anne Hathaway killed it... I had no idea that she could sing and act so genuinely. Also she is an ugly crier, and that makes her so much more endearing.  Also, Marius's face. Also, this gif: 

Thank you Tumblr. You inspire me daily. 

~ Abby

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Hannah Mary said...

Haha! That gif at the end - hilarious. I love Les Mis too :)

And McFlurries...

Jordan Eaks said...

I love your hair, it looks awesome. That book sounds good, I'll have to read it. Also, I have yet to see Les Mis. :)

Madeline Elizabeth said...

Love your hair, and I really want to watch Les Mis!! :)

Abby said...

Hannah Mary -- I love gifs. They are wonderous. Just like McFlurries. ;)

Jordan and Maddy -- Thanks! I own it... I could lend it to you guys sometime if you'd like. :)