Monday, July 29, 2013



I turned eighteen a little over a month ago, which apparently means that I am an adult. Scary, no? 

Anyway, June and July have kind of been a huge adjusting time for me. My parents sort of ceased parenting me after my birthday. It's really weird. I have all the freedom in the world now, but I also have to do my own dishes/laundry/cooking, pay my own way {yikes, life is expensive,} and fill my own gas tank. I know that those things don't even compare to the responsibilities that I'll have when I'm living on my own, but it's definitely been an eye opener. It's also made me appreciate how much my parents have done for me over the past eighteen years. 

All seriousness aside, my summer has been filled with many a major milestone. Feast your eyes: 

Milestone 1: I am no longer the lightest shade of foundation in the world. Or at least in Target. 

That's right folks. I've moved up from shade 001 to shade 003. Will Abby ever make it to shade 004? Only time will tell. Also, bronzer. Bronzer may tell too. 

Milestone 2: I bought a lottery ticket. 

Photographic proof.  My good friend Erica and I were feeling particularly bad one day, so we went and gambled with cute little cows.  I won a whole dollar, but I will not be turning it in to receive my money.  I'm planning on framing my only token of teenage wildness, and preserving it for posterity. 

Milestone 3: I discovered the essence of Ernest Hemingway. In Hobby Lobby. 

So apparently you can buy candles that smell like classic authors. {If you're curious, Ernest supposedly smelled like clementines and dove soap -- I was disappointed. I was expecting gunpowder or something awesome like that for the man that wrote A Farewell to Arms.}But seeing this made me wonder what other word ninja's candles would be... What would C.S. Lewis smell like? Zoo exhibits and turkish delight? What about F. Scott Fitzgerald? Sea breeze and daisies? And who knows what scents some modern day authors would possess... I mean c'mon, can you imagine Stephanie Meyers'? I can, and it's not a candle I'd want to have in my house. 

Milestone 4: I've finally learned about time management, and some other stuff. 

It's all good and fine to be busy and responsible, but I've discovered that I'm a lot more pleasant to be around when I've had some quiet time. I'm learning that even though there might be errands to run, homework to do, and meetings to attend, it's okay to set aside thirty minutes a day to relax. Working hard and doing your best is satisfying and rewarding, but sometimes it's necessary for sanity's sake to slow down some. 

I'm also kind of learning that I'm not some horribly inadequate mess up. I'm beginning to find my voice, and other cheesy things like that. I'm kind of learning to really like myself. And it's kind of really awesome feeling. 

Milestone 5: I saw a Pixar movie back to back. 

It was Despicable Me 2, in 3D. I regret nothing. #yayformaturity

Now where can I get myself one of those dandy chip hats? 

~ Abby

P.S. I actually wrote this at 1 in the morning, while extremely sleep deprived. I apologize in advance for any grammatical errors, hard to follow thinking, and misspelled words. Actually, I basically apologize for this entire post. 


Kimberly Woodhouse said...

Ahh, the candle idea is great! :) Definitely Turkish delight for Lewis. Hope you're having a great summer so far and that 4-h went well!

Madeline Elizabeth said...

This made me laugh! :) I was so excited to see your post show up in my feed! You should blog more.

Victoria M. said...

This is great! I saw Despicable Me 2 also, so adorable. :)

Jordan Eaks said...

ha ha i love this! :)

Leah E. said...

Haha. This is awesome. Also, I really want to see Despicable Me 2. You're getting so old. ;)