Thursday, March 1, 2012

ho hum

{image courtesey of weheartit}

I spent the last 48 hours without the internet. Yes, I am alive, but I may or may not be suffering from a severe case of PIDT. (Post internet deprivation trauma.)

I never quite realized just how much I use the internet. In fact, I sort of took it for granted. But going two full days with no texting, flickring, tweeting, IMing, instagraming, blogging, or video calling has completely cured me of my ungrateful spirit. However, spending two days without such a huge amount of distractions also gave me a sort of break. I'm honestly feeling quite refreshed and inspired.

In fact, the quiet gave me a chance to do things that I don't often have time to do. I had more time to spend reading my Bible and praying, baking, and reading. I even found time to make my new banner! (I feel so proud and productive. :P) Perhaps some quiet time is good for a person.

That being said, I didn't seem to find enough time to clean my room. Hmmm...

~ Abby

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