Saturday, April 27, 2013

an open letter to coffee

Dear Coffee, 

             I want you to know that I think you're pretty spectacular. You are delightful hot, chilled, or iced; with cream and sugar, or just plain black. You always seem to be there for me in times of need -- whether that's at 7 a.m. while I'm feeding the animals, or at midnight while I'm cramming for finals. I don't know what I'd do without you. Probably something stupid, like drive all of the way to Spanish class, only to to discover that I left my notes for the oral final at home. {Which has totally never happened to me. Wat.} 

           I know that my love for you is simply a chemical reaction. But even though it's all in my head, I still need you and your sweet, energizing nectar in my life. 

          So dearest Coffee, what say you? Care to stay for a while? 

                                                                                               With much love, 


p.s. if you like sci-ency stuff, you should totes check this out.   thank you Hank Green for proving that i can stop drinking coffee whenever i want. that's right, i am not addicted. at all. i just like the taste and whatnot. *ahem*


Jordan Eaks said...

So true. Can I sign my name at the end of this letter too? :)

marcia said...

amen. coffee is the best!

Leah E. said...

Haha. I love this. <3
Coffee is great!